Inferno is an insanely fast, React-like library for building high-performance user interfaces on both the client and server.

Inferno has native animation support NEW in 8.0!

React Compatible

React-like API, concepts and component lifecycle events. Switch over easily with inferno-compat.

Insane Performance

One of the fastest front-end frameworks for rendering UI in the DOM, making 60 FPS on mobile possible.

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Isomorphic rendering on both client and server, along with fast-booting from server-side renders.

Inferno is different, yet familiar...

  • Inferno doesn't have a fully synthetic event system like React does. Inferno has a partially synthetic event system, instead opting to only delegate certain events (such as `onClick`).
  • Inferno doesn't support React Native. Inferno was only designed for the browser/server with the DOM in mind.
  • Inferno doesn't support legacy string refs, use `createRef` or callback `ref` API
  • Inferno provides lifecycle events on functional components. This is a major win for people who prefer lightweight components rather than ES2015 classes.
  • Inferno styles are set using CSS property names [background-color: blue] rather than [backgroundColor: blue]. camelCase styles are supported through inferno-compat package.


There is an Inferno Discord where you can ask questions and find out the latest news about Inferno development. You can join via



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